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For those wondering, here is how Caribbean Swimsuit works… Caribbean Swimsuit is a product of Tigerwing Ltd. in Puerto Rico. It is a forum for beachwear designers, upcoming models and even new and experienced photographers or reporters to show what they got. We Do Not charge any money for participation as a model, designer, photographer, reporter or any other type of participation. On the other hand the participation in this web magazine is done in a voluntary basis. Designers get to show their collections and express themselves and the Models get copies not seen in this forum for their personal use.

Designers have the choice of using their own models but if they choose, we perform castings to provide the models for the photo shoots. Ways to apply are through the site’s application system or through our friends of M.C. Model Creators. Designers must provide images of their line. Applying models must send pictures including close ups, full body pictures front, back and side.

Models are presented in one of our two galleries: “The Girl Next Door” or the “Designer’s Models”. Experience is not required and since there is a swimsuit for every type of body shape, we also want to know about the ladies that don’t believe they are the model type. Like I said this is forum for everyone. You might be the girl in one of our reports.

Photography students and Fashion Design students are welcome too. We are not just interested in hearing from the professionals. They started like you too, so if you are good or your school wants a challenge let us know. You might be the next top designer and here is where you may start.

As the name suggests Caribbean Swimsuit is about the talent throughout the Caribbean. If you live or have business somewhere between South Florida, Central America, the Antilles all the way to Brazil this is your site. Hablamos Español Tambien…

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