Bodies and Swimwear

Swimwear Quality


Ever since the world entered the industrial age, clothing companies have been mass producing to supply the need of the masses. This might suggest that the hand made articles are bound to disappear but in reality it has boosted the value of hand made pieces since they usually imply higher quality at their manufacture. The price of a designer made swimsuit for example is expected to be much higher than the mass produced super store version. The difference is that while thousands of swimsuits have to be made by several workers or a machine the designer makes one at a time. In the factory, sometimes, cheaper materials are used to produce more pieces at a lower production cost which in terms mean lower prices per unit but also brings short durability. When we deal with water, fabrics tend to have a short life span, so cheaper doesn’t necessary means better for your pocket.


Trends change every six months but swimwear is like lingerie, is actually a reflection of your personality more than anything. What you wear says a lot about you and even though it might not define you as a person it surely shows what your taste is and what you think of yourself. Quality might cost more but it can save you money. If you like a classic cut or an extremely hot style is all about you, but when you shop around, the quality of your swimwear might make it a piece that might last you a whole more than a cheap version. You may compare it with cars or dresses. The more expensive they are the better quality you expect from them but different than evening dresses that you might use once or twice before letting them rest in your closet, swimwear is expected to be used several times a year and no one cares if you use them more than once.


Things you need to pay attention to when looking for quality swimwear are: materials, terminations, details and fit. Although most swimwear are made form spandex or lycra there are different textures and levels of quality to them. Most of these fabrics last a long time but not all of them retain the coloring or the integrity of the textile. The fasteners and clips are essential for any swimsuit. You don’t want a swimwear malfunction in public. Plastic clips are not too durable. The seems are very important as well. The type of thread used determines the durability of a bikini. Regular thread will rot or come undone specially after letting it dry in the sun. 


The way a swimwear is sawn determines the final look and the resistance to ripping. Double stitching allows for a solid seem but single line stitching with a highly durable thread makes for a more clean and fine look. The way liners and lycra are matched is very important. Excess of liner or lack of it may cause the lycra to show some liner on the edges or it might affect the expansion of the textile creating wrinkles. Also the joints can tell if there was a lot of care when putting together the swimwear. Bulging, wrinkles or misalignment of the fabrics at the seems shows a quick and sloppy manufacture.


Details may embellish a swimsuit but if they are made of an easily corroded metal, a plastic that won’t retain color or metallic finish, or features that are not environment resistant the swimwear might loose its beauty in a matter of few washes. We usually find those details in swimwear meant for fashion and limited uses such as magazine shoots or high dollar parties but girls they want to have fun and some are all about details. 

Finally the fit is important. many ladies find themselves looking to match separate pieces because their hips say medium or large and their top might be small. Here is where counting on a designer is the best option. You can purchase a swimsuit from their shop and make adjustments to fit you the way it is supposed to. Designers take pride in their work and the fact that the quality of their collections speak volumes of their craft. When you obtain a swimsuit from a designer you are getting a piece that was made to fit you and with the attention to details that you expect. A swimwear might become a one of a kind or a timeless piece of art. Although it is true that you might save some money and get more pieces to wear along the year buying at a super store, Designer’s collections make bold statements and they might make you look a whole lot better for longer.

Female Body shape

If you are planning to buy a swimsuit you might want to know the different body types. Knowing your figure is very important when selecting the cloths you wear. The female structure comes in range of four basic shapes and thirteen total refined types. The female four basic shapes are: bananapearapple, or hourglass. The bust, waist, and hips are called inflection points, and the ratios of their circumferences define these basic shapes. Usually, the bust area will depend on the person's weight and height.

The 13 refined body types include the skittle, vase, cornet, lollipop, column, bell, goblet, cello and brick shapes besides the first four basic shapes. Actually if you search the internet your body could be compared with so many fruits and objects that it may become confusing so how about keeping the four basic shapes. This might keep your mind at ease. If you find yourself in front of a mirror not knowing how to categorize your shape you should ask someone else to do it for you. Sometimes your own perception of what you see in the mirror gets distorted by the image in your mind.
Body Shapes

The Right Swimwear for your Body Shape


As you probably already know, there are different body shapes and even though guys don’t think about the basic shapes, they know female figures very well. Everyone looks at you at the beach, so in order to get the right image, you need to take few steps and be conscious of some do’s and don’ts.  Pay attention fellows, because you might end up on a shopping trip with your girlfriends or wives and she might ask you the famous “How do I look in this bathing suit?”

Women want to look their best and men want their ladies to cause envy in other guys, so lets get started. The more you know the better you get at making decisions and if you are a man you might impress your shopping partner.

  1. Try your old swimwear and check for proper fit. Your body might have gone through changes since the last time you used them. See which style looked better on you as a start.
  2. While you check the old swimsuit pay attention to the mirror and determine your body shape. Know your bra size and please don’t use the smaller size because you think having four breasts is sexy. It Isn’t!
  3. Hit the stores.  Do accept help from a store professional. Don’t just go to the cheapest store and get what ever is on sale from the last Era. A good swimsuit may last you longer.


Short Torso: You want to give the impression of a longer figure so try bikinis with a halter-top to attract attention to your bust and shoulders. Then get a bottom that rides low on your hips. This will create the illusion of litheness. Do use bikini bottoms that are at hip level and some one-piece swimsuits with plunging necklines. Don’t ever think of high cut bottoms.


Wide Shoulders: Wide shoulder straps fill the gap between you neck and shoulder so look for this. Do use a bottom that will call the attention by using colors, patterns and sport accents such as belts, sashes, etc. Don’t use swimwear that causes a “V” silhouette. So stay far away form plunging neck lines and small bikini bottoms.


Short Legs: Follow the same rules as for short torso but this time Do use high cut bottoms to give the impression of longer hip and leg line. Don’t use hot pants, skirted bottoms or boy shorts as these will make you look shorter.


Long Torso: You want to bring the attention to you legs by making your legs look longer than your torso. Do use one-piece swimsuits with high cuts that will give the illusion of a shorter torso and longer leg lines. Also you may go wild with embellishments, and try shorts if your hips are slim.  Don’t try the hip level bikinis, high necklines, skirted bottoms, vertical lines and solid colors.

No Waist: When you find yourself with limited curves you want to create them. Try to expand the waist by using items that will make your hips wider as well as your bust. If you have a small top you can use a strapless bandeau. Do try the bikinis with rings, ruffles, belts and bows. Don’t think about using solid colors or horizontal striped one-piece swimsuits.


Pear Shape: Many Caribbean ladies have this shape and even though many men don’t mind wider hips here is the solution. Bring the attention to your upper section by bringing patterns and color to the bust and using dark solid color on the bottom. Do look for the eye-catching bikinis or “tankinis” tops and make sure that the bottoms are darker than your top and in solid colors. Don’t use boy shorts or detailed swimsuits bottoms. Keep them simple.


Large Bust: Ladies with this situation must make certain that they use bra-style support. Sport bra types of tops and one-piece swimwear with bra support are great. Do try to use a straight across cut with wide set of straps on the top if you want to conceal your bust. If you are looking to enhance what you already have, Halter-top bikinis are a good choice. Besides they provide a sexy cleavage. I don’t think guys will object… Look for tops that are banded around the midriff and that allow you to tie them behind the neck and back. Don’t attempt to use strapless bandeau tops or tiny tri-tops. These don’t help with gravity. Silicone enhancements allow you to do a lot but it depends on the size.


Small Bust: If you want to add some curves you can use a wide variety of choices. Do use the tiny tri-tops that tie in the front. You may use the bandeau tops, ruffled bikinis and bright colors at will. Don’t forget about proper fit on the top. Too much fabric could be fatal for your look.


Plus Size: Ok ladies lets look amazing. The trick is to extend your leg lines, use dark colors and make Lycra/Spandex your friend. Many one-piece swimsuits have a defined waist. Trust me a one-piece swimsuit with the right fit and strategically placed cut-out sections can be as sexy as a two piece bikini. I want to clarify that not all, plus size ladies are in need of a one-piece swimsuit. Many are just beautifully curvy and they should follow some of the suggestions for large bust or pear shaped bodies. Do try “V” necklines and patterns to include swirling patterns as well. Use a high cut at the hips to extend the leg lines. Don’t rely solely on black as a dark color. Other dark colors are just as concealing and minimizing. The use of too much fabric, nappy textiles and colors like white or neon colors are a major NO-GO! Proper fit is essential.


Flabby or Too Much Stomach: I know the temptation of hiding inside a one-piece swimsuit has gone through your mind but that would be a mistake. This would emphasize a jiggly belly just as a bikini would. Do check the tankinis that are available these days. They cover just enough but they still provide freedom. If you can help but to look for that one-piece swimwear, make sure it has elements such as draping around the waist or hips. These help to conceal. Don’t even think about wearing that really tiny bikini or solid color, one-piece swimsuits.


  1. Shop around and find few options. Make sure you try them on. Remember that the lighting at the store won’t be the same light as the sun’s so imagine how it would look with extra lighting.
  2. Finally the most important rule to consider is to choose what fits and feels right. There is nothing sexier than a woman that feels sexy and comfortable in her own skin.

Choosing a Swimsuit for Plus Size figures.

Everyone should own a bathing suit. Wether it is to go to the beach, the river, lake or just a pool, a bathing suit should be part of our arsenal. The difficult part is choosing one when we are self conscious of our bodies and we know there are few extra pounds that were not part of the original package or they are there because our body is just that way. Not all “plus size” ladies are victims of a poor diet. Many are just voluptuous, big boned, or have a medical conditions. I rather call them “Really Curvy”. The thing is that they are beautiful but with the wrong clothing they might not be a pleasant sight, specially at the beach. 

When choosing a bathing suit for plus size ladies remember to look for proper fit, breast support, flattering features and concealment of areas of your body that you don’t want t o expose. Fitting is the most important part. If it fits wrong you will not feel right in public. Swimsuits must be skintight but not so tight that looks like it’s choking you or becoming embedded in your body. This tends to happen a lot with jeans too. If you choose a swimsuit bottom that is one size too small for your hips and tummy, skin might become segmented creating the image of a woman with a beer belly and or four hips. Same thing apply with the tops. A wrong cup size might show too much of your breast and make you look like you have four breasts. Not to mention how it can create folds in your back. A swimsuit that fits right, feels comfortable and not restrictive. If you can’t find a swimsuit that fits you, just choose a slightly larger one and tailor it to fit you. 

Now! Talking about breasts. “The larger the mass, the stronger the effect of gravity”. Gravity is a law, ladies! Make sure that if you have large breasts, you use a bathing suit that offers support, like a halter-top or over the shoulder straps. Going strapless with large breasts is a “BAD IDEA”. If your breast is a size that can deal with the effects of gravity then you can get away with using the strapless top. Usually large breasts and strapless tops spell disaster or accidents waiting to happen when dealing with water. Not to mention sagginess. 

Some really curvy ladies have well shaped bodies that might be hourglass shaped or pear shaped but still need a plus size swimsuit. They are not obese. Sometimes they are proud of their curves (That’s Sexy!) and others stress too much about their bodies. Features such as ruffles, belts and skirts take the attention away from areas that you don’t want other to see and focus it into your most attractive parts of your body. You don’t always have to go with a one-piece swimsuit to hide everything behind it. Patterns and colors also play a good visual effect. If you have big hips and small breast you can balance it out by using dark colors on your bottom and bright colors and patterns on the top. Darker colors tend to visually slim down your figure while bright colors do the opposite. This doesn’t mean you have to avoid bright colors. Some swimsuits are made so they create a corset effect. There are some with tummy control features integrated in the design.  

Finally we have swimsuits that help cover the belly area and rear end using skirts and shirt like designs. These help with stretch marks, scars and extra skin. The most important thing to remember is that you are beautiful and the right swimwear can help you to feel good and enjoy those moments under the sun. So go out there and get the right swimsuit for you. For more information check out our video on Tips for plus size ladies with Yanira Maldonado, designer of Sol Azul. You can also click on the image below to see other swimsuit options.

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